Step Four: Soul Sessions.

Invite a close friend with whom you have engaged in some or all of the steps above to decide on a third person to join the two of you in “speaking from the heart.” That’s it. No other agenda. The gatherings take place in a person’s home or at a community center. At the outset, agree on the time you will adjourn and open the floor to whoever wants to speak first. Future speakers first respond to the previous speaker. If they then want to lead the conversation in a new direction, they acknowledge that intent. Before adjourning, evaluate the session, consider inviting others, and decide together who will be invited, in order to ensure that everyone already involved with the group will be comfortable with the possible newcomers. If the group grows to include several or more individuals, consider using a “talking stick” with each speaker that allows following speakers to be recognized simply by passing the stick to them. That method makes it easier for less assertive individuals to have a voice, and the pause between speakers enables participants to better absorb what was said.

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